Classes Taught



Northern Kentucky University
  • JOU 110 Introduction to Mass Communication: Examine how mass media operate, how people use and create media messages, and how media evolve and influence behavior. 
  • JOU 220 News Writing: Write news stories that engage various audiences. Practice interviewing and reporting. Develop a sense of news values.
  • JOU 346 Copy Editing and Design: Edit text and design pages to achieve clear, concise and compelling content. Improve communication by learning the proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style.
  • JOU 382 Data Journalism: Introduce and examine data journalism through theoretical discussion, case studies and hands-on practice; learn to gather, analyze and interpret data for news reporting and storytelling; understand and apply basic measurement techniques and research concepts.

  • COM 680 Communication Teaching Practicum: Guided and hands-on teaching practice in the college communication classroom. Students must work with a Northern Kentucky University professor to directly engage the teaching process.

The Pennsylvania State University
  • COMM 160 Basic News Writing Skills: Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage skills required of journalists. 
  • COMM 260W News Writing and Reporting: News and news values; legal and ethical problems of reporting; writing and reporting news for the mass media.

  • COMM 467 News Editing and Evaluation: Concepts and procedures involved in processing news for various news media, but with emphasis on print media editing.

University of Missouri-Columbia
  • JOURN 4408 Magazine Editing: ​Review of grammar, punctuation, style rules: measuring articles, copy fitting; writing captions, titles; editing, proofreading, condensing, rewriting magazine articles. (Teaching assistant)