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Courses Taught at University of Kansas
Words at Work: Writing Essentials: Course introduces the formats and language used in professional writing. Course covers structure, usage, clarity, punctuation and other mechanics. Students learn proper attribution practices, write pieces in various formats and practice the revision process. 
Courses Taught at Northern Kentucky University
Introduction to Mass Communication: Students examine how mass media operate, how people use and create media messages, and how media evolve and influence behavior.
News WritingStudents write news stories that engage various audiences. Students practice interviewing and reporting. Students develop a sense of news values.
Copy Editing and DesignStudents edit text and design pages to achieve clear, concise and compelling content. Students improve communication by learning the proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style.
Data JournalismCourse introduces and examines data journalism through theoretical discussion, case studies and hands-on practice; students learn to gather, analyze and interpret data for news reporting and storytelling; students understand and apply basic measurement techniques and research concepts.
Courses Taught at The Pennsylvania State University
News Writing and Reporting: Course introduces students to the basics of news reporting and writing. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and writing assignments, students learn how to write news stories that are accurate, fair, clear, and concise. 

News Editing and Evaluation: Course teaches concepts and procedures involved in processing news for various news media, but with emphasis on print media editing.

Basic News Writing Skills: Course provides instruction in the basic writing skills required of all journalists. Covers three main topics: (1) spelling and word usage, (2) grammar, and (3) punctuation. 

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